Words Have Consequence

“Where did you get it from?” “Are you getting any more?” “Where do you keep finding these babies to buy?” “REAL mom…..REAL dad….” “Are they REAL brothers?” “Where are they from?” This is just a snippet of questions I have … Continue reading

Approved and Waiting!

Our home study has officially been approved! What a relief after months of worrying. The home study process was extremely difficult and trying on our emotions. It is a very intimate process with all details of your life spelled out for both your social worker and your agency to analyze and judge if you would be fit to parent a child. We are beyond excited to say that we have been deemed fit to parent a child. The home study will remain current and active for one year. So, the search for our child begins…

We have an appointment with our adoption specialist later this month to discuss a bit more in detail what type of child we are hoping for. In the meantime, the agency will talk to birth mothers about us if they feel we would be a good match for their child. Our adoption specialist is looking over our final draft of our parent profile book as well, so we should be able to have that printed soon. This book is used to help the birthmothers choose a family for their child.

In the meantime, we have to wait. We are looking into independent adoption as well, but that involves finding a birthmother who is looking for an adoptive family for their unborn child. This seems like a very difficult task for us to find, but we are spreading the word just in case someone hears of a situation that would work for us. We have been told by so many people, including our adoption specialist, that the wait is the hardest part. We would have to agree. This is the part you feel you have no control of whatsoever and that is a hard thing to accept. We have been told to just keep ourselves busy,  but that does not make the longing for a child any less prominent in our minds. We still go into our nursery a few times a week and just imagine our child in their room. Time makes all of the difference, but we are also hoping for a little luck. We will keep you updated. Thank you for reading our journey!