Words Have Consequence

“Where did you get it from?” “Are you getting any more?” “Where do you keep finding these babies to buy?” “REAL mom…..REAL dad….” “Are they REAL brothers?” “Where are they from?” This is just a snippet of questions I have … Continue reading

Experiencing it all…one day at a time

As I was driving Harper home from school earlier this week, out of the blue and in between bites of his after school snack, Harper says, “I like your red shirt, Mommy.” Totally surprised by his acknowledgment of my red shirt and his fondness for it, I said, “Thank you, baby” in a most likely surprised tone. Then, he just went back on to enjoying his snack. It truly never ceases to amaze me on a daily basis what is coming out of my beautiful and precocious son’s mouth. His vocabulary is beyond flourishing and his expressive personality is abundant. He is funny and loves to pretend (which he at times will tell me he is doing when I catch him doing something he is not supposed to do), decisive and stubborn, loving and forgiving, and so fun to watch experience things both Jason and I seem as ordinary until we see him experience them for the first time.

Many faces of H

There are so many fun (and exhausting) aspects of having a 2 year old. One of the most common may be their curiosity and making you explain something over and over. The funniest part of this for us is that instead of just asking about something that he does not understand, Harper will say, “Mommy(Daddy), talk about it.” This is so funny to us and such an interesting facet of his personality. Another adorable occurrence has been Harper’s great friendships he has made and that are developing stronger and stronger each day. He loves playing with his friends and looks forward to seeing them each day at school. They hold hands or hug at times, mimic each other (sometimes not the best thing to do), hold conversations with each other, learn together, eat together, and have new experiences together daily. It is adorable and so sweet to see the connections they make at such an early age.

H in a tree again

We have been trying to get Harper to use the potty and had big news the other day…Harper went poop in the potty at school! For those of you who do not have kids, you may think, “why all this talk about going to the bathroom?” I have to say, it is such a huge accomplishment, I just have to talk about it. In fact, having a child makes going to the bathroom a very consistent part of your every day discussions. lol


As you all know, I am a HUGE transracial adoption advocate and feel we all need to be continuously educated about the complexities of this type of adoption. Adoption is complicated enough on its own, and when you add the transracial aspect, it becomes all the more complicated. I love our little family and the differences we all bring to the table, but am not so naïve as to think our lives are or will be all roses. In fact, we have had many experiences to date that I would say have been very eye opening and challenging as a transracial family. As Harper becomes more and more his own person, he will go through many emotions and situations on his own. I wanted to share a great article written by a transracial adoptee. Just click on the link below.