H is 3!

hes growing.jpg

Can you even believe it?! How has Harper become a VERY talkative/energetic/SMART/awesome three year old already? When they say that time flies with kiddos, believe me they are telling the truth. I took him to his 3 year old check-up last week and he is 39″ tall! I guess that is why he is starting to look like he is in high waters in his size 3 jeans…lol.


A couple updates…Harper started a new school this month. Flance was just not working out for us any longer (actually for quite a while now), so we found another school that better fits all of our needs. He had to wait until he was officially 3 to start, but now already in his second week, he seems to be doing great! Harper is always the popular one with his charismatic nature, so adjusting to this new school was a piece of cake for him. Do you think I should be worried that he already says that one of the teachers (young, cute girl) is his girlfriend?! Funny kid! Great school to check out too…Southside . He already knew his abc’s and how to count to at least until 20, but now he can count in Spanish. (you know this makes me happy since I am still considering language immersion school for Kindergarten)

For Harper’s birthday this year, we had a HUGE superhero birthday party. It was a ton of fun and seriously, this kid knows how to get a crowd together. There were probably 35 people, all there to celebrate Harper’s big day.


I can’t wait to see what is next for this cool kid. We have a couple fun things up our sleeve that we hope to share in the new year! Happy Holidays!


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