Vacation, School Pictures, and A Mother’s Love


We recently took a family vacation to Hawaii and sailed on a cruise ship for 11 days. It was exciting for many reasons, but most of all, it was exciting because Harper was able to experience so many more firsts. This was his first time seeing and touching the ocean! It was scary in the beginning and then incredibly exciting to see the waves crash onto the shore and head back out to sea. The smile radiated off of his beautiful face.

It was Harper’s first time on a cruise ship (ours as well) and let me tell you, he was the most popular person on this cruise ship of 2800. Everyone remembered his name and made such an effort to interact with him. This made our cruise very special. Many other firsts included tendering on a small boat from our cruise ship to shore, seeing a luau, trying many new foods, sleeping in a big boy bed…most importantly though, this was the longest stretch of time that Harper and I were able to spend together for consecutive, uninterrupted days. It was amazing and strengthened our bond even more so.


Another first for Harper lately was taking his first school pictures. They really turned out cute and captured the many personalities of H.


Mother’s day was just last weekend and I ran across a really great blog post written by an adoptive mother. It does a great job at getting across the stigma that some place on adoption…that it is not a true form of motherhood. Some believe that in order to be a mother, you have to go through the months of carrying the baby in your womb and the pain of delivery, as well as, the connection of DNA. I know this is not the case and prove it every day with the love I have for my son and the bond between us. As the writer states so perfectly and I have made into my own…I don’t know what it’s like to birth a child, and, chances are, I never will. But I cannot imagine a stronger love or a deeper connection than the one I feel with Harper.


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