Harper Gray is getting so big! Updates…

Harper is getting so big! I bought some clothes in a size 3T yesterday for my 2 year old! He is getting so tall, still skinny, but definitely tall!


 He is seriously the funniest person I know and makes me crack up multiple times a day. Like today, his school is having a snow day and he is home with Jason. Jason keeps sending me the funniest pictures and videos of Harper having a blast and being hilarious. It just puts a big smile on my face. 🙂


As for updates…Harper has moved classrooms and is now in the 24-36 month old classroom. He really likes it and some of his friends from his previous room joined him in the transition, so that helped. He LOVES his teacher, Alex. Other than Jason and I, I have never seen him get so attached to someone. He talks about her all the time and also says he “dreams about her.” Uh Oh…watch out girls! lol

We are still attending swimming class once a week and he is doing pretty well. It is hard to get as much individualized attention as I would like him to have because his class is pretty big, so Jason and I are going to start taking him on our own Tuesdays after school to get some pool time in before his weekend class.

His likes: trucks and cars! I have never seen anyone so obsessed with trucks and cars. That is all he talks about and thinks about it seems. He especially loves garbage trucks, which is hilarious to Jason and I. He has also been very into watching Beauty and the Beast for a while now. He loves to dance and sing along to the show too.

We recently took Harper roller skating for the first time and it was awesome! He loved it. So, I bought him his own pair so he can practice and we can go back.


I would like to add a few links to some articles I have read lately that I feel are very important.




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