Harper is getting close to 2!!

I looked back through this blog today and saw just how quickly our parenting began and how much we have learned over the past 23 months. Yep, that’s right, Harper is already 23 months old! I cannot believe that he is going to be 2 on November 27th. Time has gone by so quickly! He is an amazing kid and we are so beyond blessed to be able to call him our son. We couldn’t ask for anything more.

Harper is still doing really well at school and loves his teachers and friends. It feels great to trust where he is at every day and not worry in the least. My mind is at ease and I am always excited to get his daily sheet to see what he has been up to all day. School is working on potty training Harper too. He is making progress each day. His vocabulary is exploding and things that come out of his mouth shock Jason and I every day. He is using sentences and is able to have conversations now. He also knows his abc’s and 1-10. I catch him singing the alphabet song and counting all the time. He hums lots of tunes, so I try to join in when I am allowed. (sometimes he doesnt like me to join in…lol)

h and a cake

Interactions with the public still surprise me from time to time. I expect comments, looks, etc, but sometimes it happens at such random times that I guess I am taken aback. Jason and I had a situation one weekend a couple of months back where a woman pretty much accused Jason of kidnapping Harper because he was carrying him (trying to take him to the bathroom to change his diaper) and Harper was crying for me (he is in a big mommy phase). There is more to the story, but I will save you the details. It just ended up being very uncomfortable for Jason and frankly made me angry. It should not have to be like this. We should not be questioned because our son is crying…how many kids do you see crying in the mall? We should not be judged and looked at differently due to the diversity in our family of 3. This should be celebrated, but I guess we cannot expect everyone to feel this way. It is a sad reality that we have such a long way to go in order to have equality in this world.

adoption 4

This leads me to the situation in our city on everyones minds lately…the Michael Brown shooting. This situation was a tragedy in all avenues, but what came from this tragedy is very telling. Jason and I were having a discussion about the Micheal Brown case today and he made great points. He and I both believe that the “issues” that have come into light were already a reality for so many, but are now known by all. Some choose to ignore that the issues truly exist, while others have had their eyes opened to the inequality in our city. Why should our black children be afraid of the police? Why is there racial profiling occuring? Why do parents of black children have to have “the talk” with our kids and white children do not even have to think about it. The unfairness and saddness of these “issues” are so emense that I almost do not have words to express what my thoughts and feelings are. I ask that you all open your eyes to the inequality in our world, on all levels, and ask yourselves what you can do to play a small part in lessoning the gap.


November is National Adoption Month! This is a chance to celebrate the adoptees and their life stories, the families that were formed through adoption, and to educate the public on adoption as a whole. Adoption is such a complicated topic, filled with very strong emotions. I wish for all to educate their children and themselves on the complexities of adoption and celebrate those of us that have been touched by adoption. Adoptees have many different emotions that will evolve as they get older and they need all of our support.



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