Harper’s new adventures

photo 5

Within the last 3 weeks, Harper has flown on an airplane to visit a friend in Chicago, started swim lessons, and started Flance Early Education Center full-time. All of these are firsts for him and he has been handling everything very well. Starting Flance had its rough times for Harper emotionally and attachment-wise, but nothing out of the ordinary for an 18 month old.

Flance Early Learning Center is a pretty amazing school. They are only 3 weeks old, and I’ve already grown such an attachment to the staff. The director, Beth, is one-in-a-million! I wanted to share not only the link to this great early education center in case any of you mommas are looking, but a picture from Harper’s first day and his first painting.


first day of schoolphoto 2

Harper is such an awesome kid. He challenges me and teaches me something every day. I have learned great patience being a mom, how I would do anything for my child in a way I have never felt before, and just how in love with someone, other than my husband (lol), I can be. As Harper gets older, his little personality is flourishing. His vocabulary is huge and is ability to communicate has improved. I cannot wait to share more of Harper’s firsts and growths with you all. Speaking of growth, he is 33% in weight and 81% in height. My long and lean boy!

harper in hat with tiger


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