16 months…

Can you believe Harper is now 16 months old?! What an amazing and challenging experience the last 16 months have been. He is such a cool kid with lots of personality and determination! He is always willing to give a hug or share and he will always express how he feels in one way or another…whether it be frustration or joy.

h sharing

Being a family of three feels much more normal for us now. What a transition it was to go from being with one other person for so many years to three people over night. It was pretty drastic, but I am so proud how we have made it work and have genuine, unconditional love for one another. Harper is easy to love though, that is for sure.

Being a mom has changed me in so many ways, though I still feel like the same person, my priorities have definitely shifted and I am thinking about and doing things I never imagines and loving it! It is a very specific transition that has happened inside of me from thinking of myself to thinking of Harper first and foremost, as well as, Jason of course, but there is something different when it comes to being a mom.

mom and Harper

I am so excited to watch him grow and see him learn. Seeing him experience things for the first time is really fun to watch. Harper will be starting an Early Education Center in June that is opening that month here in St. Louis. It is an amazing center called, Flance. This is going to be such an amazing opportunity for Harper and will help him develop socially and intellectually on so many levels. Jason, Harper, and I toured the new facility (designed by Trivers Architectual Firm) with the executive director for over an hour. The center has many great attributes, but I am very excited about the community garden the kids take part in planting and harvesting. I believe this skill will teach the kids empathy and give them an understanding of what it is like to take care of something outside of themselves and reap the benefits of watching that something flourish. 


Fun times are on there way for Harper and I will be sure to keep you all posted!

jason showing h a duck  


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