Inspiring Quotes and Harper’s 1st haircut!

November is National Adoption Awareness Month! As part of the celebration and education, Adoptive Families magazine/website published these great quotes…

adoption 1 adoption 2 adoption 3 adoption 4 adoption 5 adoption 6


Harper had an exciting day today, getting his very 1st haircut. We took the recommendation of a friend and took him to Dimensions Salon in downtown STL. A very kind woman, Chandra gave Harper his haircut. We plan on visiting her again in the future. He looks too cute for words!

1456675_10201714895366677_589291083_n 1460197_10201714895406678_1630593364_n 1461830_10201714895286675_141022185_n 1463436_10201714895326676_635037608_n 1470230_10201714895246674_1689936086_n 1488140_10201714897366727_660962876_n



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