Our Big Day!



October 16, 2013 is the day my family became “legally” whole. On this day, Jason, Harper, and myself became a forever family. Such a special day for us to celebrate our time together thus far and our future as a family of three.



The day started by arriving at the Family Court building and proceeding to wait while our attorney, our social worker, and Harper’s attorney arrived. We spent most of this time taking pictures, which we later found out we were not supposed to be doing in the building… lol.  We, along with a couple of other families, found ourselves waiting in a room full of children’s toys. Harper had a good time watching other kids and playing with his Aunt Emma. We were the second family to finalize this day. Once it was our turn, we proceeded into the court room. Jason, Harper, myself, our attorney, Harper’s attorney, and our social worker all sat at a large table facing the judge. Both grandmas, one grandpa, and Aunt Emma sat behind us. Our attorney asked us questions based on our desire to legally adopt Harper. After the questioning of both of us and the social worker, the judge declared our adoption final! This whole process lasted about 15 minutes or so. We will know be issued Harper’s birth certificate, which will take 2-3 months to receive. Harper will also receive a social security number. Up until this point, he has only had a tax id number. After the hearing, we took pictures and headed to brunch to celebrate our finalization.



I honestly cannot believe that my son is about to be 1 year old. This has been such a crazy, exciting, stressful, overwhelming, and totally worth it journey. Jason and I are nervous, excited, and beyond happy for our journey to continue. Parenting has changed us in ways we never knew were possible and we could not have wished for it any other way. We will keep posting our journey, whether it be hardships or happiness. I love sharing our experiences and helping others who may have a similar family situation. We are all in this together!


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