How time flies…


Harper is going to be 8 months old this month! Wow, time sure flies!  He is sitting up on his own and rolling around like crazy. He is frustrated by not being able to crawl, but we are getting closer every day. He has started babbling more and more, which is fun to hear. Gaga, yaya, blahblah, but no mama…yet. LOL.


My main continued challenge is that I work so much and feel a mixture of sadness and guilt that I do not have more full days with Harper. I am assured by other mothers that this feeling is normal and that as long as Harper is being taken care of and I show him love while I am with him, all will be fine. This makes me feel better to a point, but does not remove the hole in my heart when I am not with him.

On the adoption front, our last home visit from the social worker is July 18th and our finalization court date is scheduled for October 16th. It will be such an exciting day and amazing to be completed with our adoption. I look forward to sharing pictures of the day with you all!


I am very passionate about adoption , especially transracial adoption. I truly believe in educating society and those considering adoption on the ins and out of being part of a multi-cultural family. I also very much welcome advise and life stories from others in similar situations. I will be writing many blogs, focusing on transracial adoption and adoption education. I feel it is so important and hope you get something out of it if you continue to read about our journey.


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