2 months later…the process continues

Time has definitely flown by since bringing our son Harper home. He is now 10 weeks old and more amazing each and every day. His smile can melt away any stress felt from the day. It truly just warms your heart.


During the last two months, our adoption process has continued (at a very slow rate of speed). We met with our social worker at our home around the one month mark. She wanted to make sure everyone was doing ok. In the meantime, she was working on gaining a termination of birthrights signed document and social history from the birthmother. Once these documents are received, the social worker is able to submit the case to the courts to be scheduled for a TBR (termination of birth rights) hearing. Our TBR hearing did not occur until January 24th, almost two months after taking Harper home. Up until the TBR hearing, if the birthmother decides she would like the baby back, she is free to do so. We were not incredibly worried, but definitely felt relief once we knew the TBR hearing had occurred. Another occurrence at the hearing was for the courts to publish Harper’s birth announcement in the newspaper in order for the birthfather to come forward. There will then be a TBR hearing for the birthfather, whether someone comes forward or not. (which is unlikely to happen) We have been given adoptive custody with a “legal risk” attached.


Our 6 months of supervision started on January 24th as well. This supervision involves another social worker being assigned to our case and making three home visits over a 6 month time period.  The countdown is now on for our finalization date, which should occur in late July or early August. This will be the date where Harper legally becomes our son in every way. He will be issued a new birth certificate, a social security card, etc. This will be a day of celebration at the courts!


Every day is a new experience and adventure for the three of us. It has been awesome to see Harper’s smiles, hear him laugh, watch him take in all of the sights and sounds around him, and look at us both with such love and awe. Some days are tough, but we would not change anything for the world.

An interesting book we recently bought, Brown Babies Pink Parents, is something we look forward to reading. (when we can find some time to do so…lol) We would suggest this book to anyone raising a transracial family under similar circumstances. It covers everything from skin care to the ways of celebrating diversity in your family.



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