Introducing our son, Harper Scott Gray


On November 29th, I was at work when I received a message that our social worker had called me three times. This was unusual for her, so I knew something must be happening. I called our social worker and found out that we had been chosen by a birthmother whom had given birth two days prior. We were told that we needed to get to the hospital to meet this birthmother within a couple of hours to see if this would be a match for us. I called Jason and told him that he needed to get out of work asap as we had been matched with a birthmother and there was a two day old baby we needed to meet. Emotions were running high…there was shock. crying, nervousness, eagerness, anticipation, excitement, and fear.  We both knew this day was a possibility at some point, but it is complete shock when the day actually comes. It had seemed like forever at the time, but we had realistically only been approved to be adoptive parents by our agency for four months!

We arrived at the hospital, met the birthmother and got to know each other a little bit, and held the baby boy who could possibly be ours. After a few hours, the birthmother told us that she would like for us to take the baby boy home the next day when they were both being discharged. We were to be his parents! These were her wishes. We, of course, agreed and left the hospital to spend the evening frantically buying necessities at Babies R Us and not sleeping a wink.


The next day at 11am, we arrived back at the hospital. We were able to say goodbye to the birthmother and then headed to the nursery where our son was discharged to us. We named our son Harper Scott Gray.

Harper is now 1 month and two days old. He is adorable, smart, curious, strong, charming, and sweet. We are all getting used to each other and enjoying our journey into parenthood, though challenging it may be at! We feel so lucky to have found Harper!


Our adoption journey is still proceeding. A termination of birthmother rights court hearing should occur within the next few weeks. After this  hearing, we will have six months of supervision by our agency. Once this six months of supervision is complete, our social worker petitions the courts for us to adopt Harper completely. We will be assigned a hearing and Harper will legally be our son at this hearing.  Adoption is a long journey, full of a variety of emotions and ups and downs. We are proof that adoption happens! It may be sudden, like our situation. It may take years, but it will happen. Never lose hope.

We will continue to update on our journey as Harper thrives and grows!



3 thoughts on “Introducing our son, Harper Scott Gray

  1. Wow Mandi! Congratulations on your new baby boy! He’s very very sweet and I’m sure he is in a loving family! Your post made me cry….. I can’t even imagine the emotional roller coaster this must have made you go through. His birth mother must have had very good reasons to give him up, but I imagine that it wasn’t a light decision. I’m really happy that this little guy found a good home. Enjoy!

  2. I have seen you guys posting pictures of your adorable one but I figured I would wait until the official announcement to congratulate the new family! Kevin and I are so happy for you guys! Welcome to the world Harper- you found great parents!

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