The Process Begins…

We will be having our first meeting with our hopeful adoption agency on Monday March 5th.  We are excited, yet nervous. This meeting will be a chance for us to ask the millions of questions that run through our minds daily and learn everything about the agency and the process. We are just so excited to be parents and have waited for what feels like an eternity already.

Mandi can not stop getting items designed and ready for the nursery. She has already purchased a crib, changing table, and rug for the room.  This particular room used to be her design office, so it is already decked out with a chandelier and woven woods window treatment. This kid is going to be living in style! LOL

We will post pictures of the nursery as it all comes together and will keep you all updated on where we are in the adoption process. Thank you for reading and for your support!


2 thoughts on “The Process Begins…

  1. In the fertility circles I hang around in, on the internet, one of the biggest question for couples considering adoption, other than cost, is how to choose an agency. How do you know an agency is legit, and if they are the right fit for you? I’d be curious to know if you are interviewing multiple agencies, how you found this particular agency, and what was it about them that lead you to work with them. Of course, I’m also curious to know what sort of questions you have and what information you learn at the interview.

    Good luck tomorrow! I will be thinking of you.

  2. Danielle,
    Great questions! The first thing I did when we decided to adopt was go to the library and check out lots of books on adoption. I knew nothing of the process and needed to learn…quickly. That is how I learned about the numerous types of adoption (13 btw…crazy!), typical costs involved, how to find adoption agencies, and what questions to ask these agencies.

    The way to find out if they are the right fit for you is to go to either and informational meeting or talk to someone on the telephone in detail about the agency. It is also important to fully search their websites. The websites are usually full of most of the information you are looking for. Another key factor for me was talking to other people who have gone through the adoption process. One woman I talked to actually adopted from the agency we are going to visit tonight. She had nothing but amazing things to say. I also have a cousin who works in the foster department at DFS and she spoke highly of the agency I am visiting tonight as well.

    I will know more after this evenings meeting. Jason and I made a list of questions last night and are very hopefull, yet nervous. I will keep you updated and get back to some of your questions when I know more.

    Thank you for having such an interest. It is nice to be able to talk about the process with you!

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